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 Windows XP Professional (32bit) Black Edition v.2009 + IE8 อย่างสวย

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ตั้งหัวข้อเรื่อง: Windows XP Professional (32bit) Black Edition v.2009 + IE8 อย่างสวย   Mon May 03, 2010 9:30 am


* Additional Windows XP Themes "ChaNinja Style RC5" & "Luna Element Black v5.1 + CSS" & "Zune Noir v1.0".

* Extra Website Links in the Windows XP Favorites folder.

* Keyfinder v1.51 (Windows XP KeyChanger) with original working Keys.

* Windows XP Service Pack 3 (KB936929) v5.1.2600.5512.

* Windows Internet Explorer 8.

* Windows Media Player 11.

* Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications (KB905474) v1.9.0040.0.

* Windows Genuine Advantage Validation (KB892130) v1.9.40.0.

* Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Crack for v1.9.40.0.

* Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Crack for v1.9.40.0.

* Microsoft & Windows Update v7.2.6001.788 .

* Microsof Update Catalog Web Control v7.0.6000.569.

* Microsoft .NET Framework en-US v1.1 + SP1 + KB928366.

* Microsoft .NET Framework en-US v3.5 + SP1 + KB959209.

* Microsoft Visual C-family v1-v9 Runtimes (CRT/MFC/etc.).

* Microsoft Visual Basic v1-v7.1 Runtimes.

* Microsoft European Union Expansion Font Update v1.2.

* Microsoft DirectX v9.26.1590 (including DirectX for Managed Code for "Microsoft .NET Framework v1.x".

* Microsoft XML (KB954430) v4.30.2100.0.

* Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services Client (KB917275) v1.0 + SP2.

* Windows Silverlight v3.0.40624.0.

* Windows Feature Pack for Storage (KB952013) v1.0.

* Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) v2.12.

* Windows XP Security Update for CAPICOM (KB931906) v2102.

* Windows XP Root Certificate (KB931125) Update May 2009.

* Windows XP exFAT file system driver package (KB955704).

* Windows XP User Profile Hive Cleanup Service v1.6d.

* Windows XP GDI+ Detection Tool (KB873374) v1.

* Windows XP QFEcheck v6.2.29.0.

* Windows XP Powertoy - Alt-Tab Replacement v1.0.

* Flash Player v10.0.22.87.

* Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) v6 Update 14.

* Open Command Prompt Shell Extension v2.0.3.

* HashCheck Shell Extension v2.1.11.

* 7-Zip v4.65.

* Foxit Reader v3.0 Build 1817.

* Unlocker v1.8.7.

* K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v5.0.0.

* QuickTime Alternative v2.9.0.

* QuickTime DirectShow Source Filter v1.7.0.13.


* DriverPack MassStorage v9.01 - Supported Device List at: http://www.driverpacks.net/DriverPacks/devices.php?pag=m

* DriverPack LAN v9.03.N2 - Supported Device List at: http://www.driverpacks.net/DriverPacks/devices.php?pag=l

* DriverPack WLAN v9.05.04 - Supported Device List at: http://www.driverpacks.net/DriverPacks/devices.php?pag=w


* TCP/IP Patch: Allows you to have 16777214 (MAX) Half-Open TCP Connections instead of 10.

* Uxtheme Patch: Allows you to use any Windows XP Theme.

* Utopia Sound Scheme Patch: Installs the Utopia Sound Scheme.

* SFC Patch: Allows you to disable and enable Windows File Protection with a registry key.

REMOVED WINDOWS XP COMPONENTS (Nothing has been removed that could cause System Problems or any Problems with other Sofware Applications).

* Applications: Address Book , Games , Internet Games , Paint , Pinball.

* Multimedia: Images and Backgrounds , Movie Maker , Music Samples , Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder.

* Network: Communication tools , FrontPage Extensions , Internet Information Services (IIS) , MSN Explorer , Netmeeting , Outlook Express , Windows Messenger.

* Operating System Options: Blaster/Nachi removal tool , Desktop Cleanup Wizard , Out of Box Experience (OOBE) , Security Center , Tour , Zip Folders.

* Folders: "(source)DOCS" , "(source)DOTNETFX" , "(source)SUPPORT" , "(source)VALUEADD" , "(source)I386WIN9XMIG" , "(source)I386WIN9XUPG".

* Files: clock.avi , swtchbrd.bmp , yahoo.bmp.


Windows XP Professional:

* KB817688 - "Error on a Request to Write Data to Media" error message when you use Ntbackup.exe.

* KB887606 - FIX: The Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) uses cached credentials incorrectly.

* KB889320-v2 - When you disable the Windows Firewall service on your Windows XP Service Pack 2-based computer , the Computer Browser service stops after five minutes and Event ID 7023 is logged in the Event Viewer.

* KB897571 - FIX: A DCOM static TCP endpoint is ignored when you configure the endpoint for WMI on a Windows Server 2003-based computer.

* KB898461 - Software 898461 installs a permanent copy of the Package Installer for Windows version

* KB909520-v1 - Des--cription of the software for Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider.

* KB915800-v4 - A hotfix is available for Windows Desktop Search document IFilters in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

* KB917275 - How to obtain Windows Rights Management Services with Service Pack 2.

* KB922120-v6 - Network Map in Windows Vista does not display computers that are running Windows XP.

* KB923561 - MS09-010: Des--cription of the for Windows WordPad Converter: April 14 , 2009.

* KB927436-v2 - Error message when you attach a device that loads the Serscan.sys driver to a computer that is running Windows XP SP2 , Windows XP SP3 , or Windows Server 2003: "DRIVER_VERIFIER_IOMANAGER_VIOLATION (c9)".

* KB932716-v2 - Des--cription of the Image Mastering API v2.0 (IMAPIv2.0) package that is dated June 26 , 2007.

* KB934401 - When you run the "Ipconfig /displaydns" command in Windows Server 2003 , the results are incomplete.

* KB938759 - You cannot distribute or install a software package in Windows Server 2003 if the software package contains a very large signed file.

* KB940648 - Error message when you try to open the My Documents folder on a Windows XP-based computer after you resume the computer from hibernation: "You might not have permission to use this network resource".

* KB942288-v3 - Windows Installer 4.5 is available.

* KB943232-v2 - An application that uses the Sxs.dll file crashes when you run the application on a Windows XP SP 2-based computer.

* KB943729 - Information new Group Policy preferences in Windows Server 2008.

* KB944043-v3 - Des--cription of the Windows Server 2008 read-only domain controller compatibility pack for Windows Server 2003 clients and for Windows XP clients.

* KB945060-v3 - There may be inconsistencies in the Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) and Exchangeable Image File (EXIF) values for an image file in Windows Vista and in Windows XP.

* KB945184 - The Rasdial API may free the same memory two times and the dial-up application stops responding on a multiprocessor computer that is running Windows Vista.

* KB945436 - Error message when you try to uninstall or unload the driver for a multifunction USB device on a Windows XP-based computer: "STOP: 0x000000D1 DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL".

* KB946648 - MS08-050: Des--cription of the for Windows Messenger 4.7 for Windows XP: August 12 , 2008.

* KB947460-v3 - Error message when you try to open a mapped DFS folder after the computer comes out of standby in Windows XP Service Pack 2: "<Drive Letter>: is not accessible".

* KB948101-v3 - A USB keyboard does not work after you restart a Windows XP-based computer that has an NVIDIA 680i motherboard installed.

* KB948277 - A blank desktop may appear when you log on to a Windows XP-based computer.

* KB948720 - You cannot install device drivers in a Windows Server 2008 cluster environment if the drivers contain LZ-compressed files.

* KB948877-v2 - After you copy multiple files from a computer that is running Windows XP to a PCMCIA SRAM card , one or more files on the card are corrupted.

* KB949127-v2 - You cannot establish a wireless connection by using EAP authentication on a Windows XP-based client computer if the Service Set Identifier (SSID) includes a comma.

* KB949900 - The RunOnce.exe process may stop responding during the driver installation process on a Windows XP-based computer.

* KB950305-v2 - N/A.

* KB950312 - Error message when you try to start a console-based application , such as Cmd.exe , on a Windows XP-based computer: "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142)".

* KB950616 - An audio application that uses the Portcls.sys file may stop responding when you run the audio application on a computer that is running Windows XP.

* KB950820 - The system stops responding during the logoff , shutdown , or restart process on a computer that is running Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP and that has the Japanese IME installed.

* KB950974 - MS08-049: Vulnerability in Event System could allow remote code execution.

* KB950982 - A list of ODBC system DSNs is truncated when the total number of characters that are used in all the DSN names is more than 7 , 500 on a Windows XP-based computer.

* KB951066 - MS08-048: Security for Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

* KB951159 - N/A.

* KB951163 - When you try to use the MSTSC command from Terminal Services Client 6.0 to connect to the local Windows XP-based computer , a black screen may appear for several minutes.

* KB951347 - A memory leak occurs when you use the IFaxIncomingMessageIterator interface to query incoming fax messages on a fax server that is running Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP.

* KB951376 v2 - MS08-030: Vulnerability in Bluetooth stack could allow remote code execution.

* KB951531-v2 - The W32Time service does not synchronize the CMOS clock time to the Internet time on a Windows XP or Windows Server 2003-based computer after the W32Time service stops.

* KB951618-v2 - A black screen issue occurs on a Windows Vista-based computer or a Windows XP Service Pack 2-based computer that has Onekey Recovery 5.0 installed when you upgrade the operating system.

* KB951624 - A 30-second delay occurs during the initialization of some network-based applications when Windows XP Service Pack 2 starts.

* KB951709 - Event ID 26 when you attach two IDE ATA/ATAPI devices as master and subordinate IDE devices on a Windows XP-based computer.

* KB951822-v2 - You receive an error message , the print operation fails , or partial pages are printed when you try to print to a Citizen printer or to an Alps printer in Windows XP Service Pack 3.

* KB951978 - Script output is not displayed as expected when you run VBScript or JScript s--cripts in Windows Vista Service Pack 1 , in Windows Server 2008 , or in Windows XP Service Pack 3.

* KB952004 - MS09-012: Des--cription of the security for MSDTC Transaction Facility: April 2009.

* KB952011 - Des--cription of the Image Mastering API v2.0 (IMAPIv2.0) package in Windows Feature Pack for Storage 1.0.

* KB952117-v2 - When you try to put a Windows XP-based computer into hibernation or into standby , the computer stops responding.

* KB952595-v3 - N/A.

* KB952909-v2 - When you try to print a document to a PostScript printer in an application , the application exits unexpectedly , or you find that an invalid PDF file is created from the incorrect data in the PostScript file.

* KB952954 - MS08-046: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows Image Color Management could allow remote code execution.

* KB953028 - On a computer that is running Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP , an application experiences an access violation and then crashes if the computer has more than four cores or more than four logical processors.

* KB953155 - MS08-062: Vulnerability in Windows Internet Printing service could allow remote code execution.




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Windows XP Professional (32bit) Black Edition v.2009 + IE8 อย่างสวย
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